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Are you looking to relocate?

Relocating can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. John Wesley Brooks is a CERTIFIED Relocation Specialist ready to help make the process as easy and painless as possible for you. As a relocation expert He will work with you every step of the way from finding your dream home in the Huntsville Alabama area all the way through closing on your new property. If you need assistance selling your current home or if you need help finding a rental while searching for a new place, John Wesley Brooks is here to assist you!

John Wesley Brooks is a trained and experienced agent which clearly will benefit your move. For years, John has committed his time to ensure that he has the proper training to handle your relocation effectively.  By maintaining his training regularly with continuing education courses throughout the year so that he can provide you the most reliable and up-to-date guidance.   John Wesley Brooks has:

  • The experience
  • The knowledge
  • The support
  • The tools and connections to sell your home without compromising your corporate relocation benefits. 

In addition, having a trained agent helps keep the transaction moving forward seamlessly and brings both knowledge and reassurance to all parties about how such a transaction works. When John is selected to help you with your move is because of his past success in helping other transferees like you.

When relocating, you want someone who is going to listen and understand what YOU want out of this life changing move. Someone who understands that relocating isn’t just about buying or selling a house; it’s about making sure that everything goes smoothly so that moving day is one less thing on your mind during this transition period in your life. Let us take care of all those details so you don’t have to, and if there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know – because when you work with John Wesley Brooks Real Estate Services the goal is  100% client satisfaction!

John Wesley Brooks is the local Real Estate Market Expert and eyes and ears for your Relocation Company. He will guide you through the whole process, keep your relocation company updated on marketing activity which is important to ensure a smooth transaction. You can be confident that he will work hard to find you exactly what you are looking for in Huntsville Alabama or the surrounding areas. 

John Wesley Brooks is a relocation specialist and luxury real estate certifiedAgent and who is part of the partner programs of Navy Federal, Realogy Military Rewards PCSgrades and AARP Real Estate Benefits Program. He works with buyers and sellers from first time home buyers/owners to professional investors. Ethics, integrity, great communications skills with continuous training make John Wesley Brooks the agent you need. You are covered and granted one of the best Agents to handle your transfer whether you are moving to Huntsville Metro Area or you are moving from Huntsville Area. 



  •  John Brooks is the local market expert and eyes and ears for your Relocation Company.  
  • John is a committed advisor who will guide you through the whole process
  • John will Keep the Relocation Management Company updated on the marketing activity which is important to ensure a smooth transaction. 
  • Step by Step relocation specific sales processes guidance and follow up with specifics about the intricate paperwork required to ensure the transaction can close and transfer to the new owner or you smoothly. 

John Brooks has received specialized training that not every real estate Agent receives.  This training includes:

  • Vacant home management. 
  • Training in Corporate Relocation
  • Complete walk through an important part of the sale of your home called an Amended Sale.  [The Amended Sales process exists so that you do not incur any tax consequences for the sale of your home]



Side Of Your Home During The Relocation Process:

  • A two-step sale process from selling your home: First sale to the Relocation Management Company and second sale to the buyer we identified

As a Relocation Trained Agent, John has experience with the Relocation procedures and paperwork

  • Knowledge of this process helps ensure John’s clients have as smooth a transaction as possible. 
  • Not only that, should we identify a buyer with an Agent that is not familiar with the Relocation process, John will be able to help guide them along the way as well.”

During the selling of your home:  Besides the unique paperwork needed for the relocation department John Brooks is trained to identify a Suggested Listing Price and Probable Sales Price for your property. Using different factors, He is also analyzing the latest market reports to be as accurate as possible

After John completes all of the reports needed, He then will submit the reports to your Relocation Management Company.

In John’s words: “As a Certified Corporate Relocation Agent, part of what drives my success is accountability.   First and foremost, I am accountable to the Transferee throughout the transaction which motivates me to do all I can to ensure your transaction will go as smoothly as possible”.


Are you ready to make your move? Feel free to reach out anytime!

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