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The beautiful design of this city brings people together. From its great restaurants, unique shops, and fun activities; there’s something here for everyone! Come see why so many people love living in Huntsville Alabama and why commercial real estate is also booming. The growth of Huntsville Metro Area extends to every Real Estate field and Commercial Real Estate is not the exception. 
New entertainment venues with Breweries and Restaurants have opened up in the last couple of years. Some of those famous places include: Stove House, Campus No. 805, Yellow Hammer, Midcity, Village of Providence, Dave and Busters, Pizzerias and Restaurants with a multicultural taste of your favorite cuisines from all around the world from Romanian, Mexican, eastern European, Asian, Italian and fusion you will need to try. You can see new big corporations building, expanding their horizons all over our area and other well-established companies are remodeling and staying strong.
John Wesley Brooks has experience selling large commercial facilities from office buildings, medical facilities, large apartment, and multifamily portfolios to land for new commercial real estate industries to be developed. 
What is the Huntsville Area known for? In case you are wondering, some of the major landmarks and well-known places that make Huntsville famous include: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, The Us Space, and Rocket Center,  and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command. As you can see Huntsville is a leader intechnology development, [aerospace/defense, information technology, bioscience,advanced manufacturing] integration and value-added manufacturing which continuously makes our Beautiful Rocket City a desirable area to move to but also, to invest in!

POPULATION According to:

  • 2010 census [Population at 180,105]
  • 2016 census [Population at 194,057 approximately]
To calculate the total population this year with so many businesses opening, commercial infrastructure such as entertaining venues, hotels and work places we may need to hear from the last census data collected, but just anticipating the growth with the amount of relocating businesses and people, our population may have extra zeros on those previous numbers
Commercial Real Estate is a big part of the growth of North Alabama. The list of new Industries and new developments for commercial and residential taking place all over the city just confirm that Huntsville definitely is on the move. If you are interested in knowing more about this growing area, feel free to reach out to John Wesley Brooks and The Brooks Family Of Realtors today.

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