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Madison is a city that’s booming with opportunity and quickly becoming one of the hottest housing markets with an increase of 9.4% since 2010. The growth can be seen in the several new neighborhoods being developed or rezoned for future construction, Madison will provide you everything from great neighborhoods and environment to raise your family or even start up! 

  • Madison has approximately 49,000 residents. Due to the desirability and great work force and educated population, 58%  of all households in the City of Madison have an income greater than $75,000, with a city-wide mean household income of $115,813.

In a world where people are always on-the go, it’s great to have somewhere you can call home. Madison offers all the benefits of a small town living close to a metropolitan area with easy access and commuting options for those who need them as well! Not only does this place provide entertainment opportunities but also their wonderful schools make sure children get educated right there at an early age so they’re prepared before heading off into today’s competitive workforce 

The best part about moving here is that we have an amazing school system that keeps getting better every year. Our students consistently rank among the best in Alabama and even nationally! This means your kids will get a great education no matter where they go to school – whether it’s public or private, elementary or secondary. And if you don’t have any children yet, there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself busy while still enjoying all this wonderful city has to offer! Madison is located next door (or at least close by) Huntsville International Airport, this ensures quick access for business travelers who are looking into expanding their companies here [ Central location means residents have easy access too]. Just minutes from Redstone Arsenal, Trash Pandas Toyota Field Baseball Stadium, Toyota-Mazda facility, Cummings Research Park which houses many tech giants including Lockheed Martin, making this area of North Alabama advanced aerospace and high-tech research and industrial development spot. and multiple other growing companies, Madison has increased the demand for quality employees to enlist the workforce needed!

Madison is a city that gives residents access to many of the benefits afforded by living in a big town, but with an atmosphere more reminiscent of smaller communities. With easy access for commuting between Huntsville and surrounding areas thanks to its location near I-565 as well as other major thoroughfares   Madison offers quick getaways anytime you need them! The close proximity also makes it simple to take part in every kind activity there is: both work related or purely recreational based ones. From fitness related such as sports clubs/leagues; family friendliness through parks, green spaces, you can get anywhere within minutes whether its north into the Tennessee Valley; south toward Redstone Arsenal National Land Reserve military base without having too far away commute during work hours each day; West just off exit 259 on I-565 heading towards Nashville (or east along US Highway 72).

01What to expect to find in Madison, Alabama

You will find

  • Parks, walking trails and lots of green mountains to enjoy if you are a lover of outdoors, 
  • You will fall in love with the countryside surrounding.  
  • New developments and shopping areas drive the community 
  • Great restaurants with multicultural culinary experience that will stamp a smile on your face if you are a foodie lover.  
  • According to the chambers of commerce there are over 1000 businesses operating in Madison providing great job opportunities for residents and those relocating.  
  • As a home to many  well educated professionals and a multicultural community, Madison is also a melting pot that allows you to meet people from all over the world!
  • The benefits of a small town living close to a metropolitan area. Easy commuting to and from Huntsville and the surrounding cities.  
  • It provides a variety of recreational activities.  
  • Variety of shopping options including retail and dining options at its downtown. Take a stroll on a typical weekday or enjoy multiple parades and events hosted in this popular spot.  
  • Groceries stores like Publix, Krogers, Walmart and few more grocery shopping are open and in close proximity to Neighborhoods and main areas for residents.
  •  A wide variety of entertainment and recreation options, from golfing, electronics, sport facilities, dance studios, and gyms
  • Great medical facilities
  • Variety of hotels and hospitality, 


Madison Residents are filled with pride and dreams, being fully aware of the growth of this great community. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, Madison Alabama will not disappoint.  It’s easy to see why so many people are moving here!

02What to do in Madison, Alabama

There is so much to do here in terms of things to see and places that one could visit with friends or family members; it’s really hard deciding what activities would suit your taste best given all these options available at any given time. And when summer rolls around. well let’s just say there’ll be no shortage of outdoor fun thanksgiving day through winter holidays season-all year ‘round actually. From museums, the Toyota Field Baseball Stadium where you can enjoy baseball games during any free time off work, Polar Express Christmas on Main & the annual City of Madison Christmas Parade, galleries to concerts, downtown parades or festivals, there are always fun events going on around town for everyone who lives here. With so much culture surrounding us everywhere we turn, it can be hard not finding something interesting going on every day of the week! But don’t worry – if you’re feeling adventurous enough one night (or maybe just bored), then head down south towards Huntsville where some really cool stuff happens too!! You’ll find anything from live music shows at bars to great restaurants, food trucks, Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment with concerts, you name it!Whether you’re looking for things to do while your family members visit grandparents over Christmas break or want some alone time during upcoming holiday weekends, you will find something to do!

03What we love the most about Madison, Alabama

If you live in Madison, Alabama or are planning to move here soon, this information is for you. We’re going to tell you all the reasons why we love living in Madison and why it’s a great place to call home. There are so many things to love about We’ve put together a list of our favorite things.

  • The community itself and pride in home ownership of residents 
  • Town Madison Development 
  • New Restaurants and Stores to choose from 
  • Land trust of North Alabama: Rainbow Mountain Nature Preserve 
  • Indian Creek Greenway 
  • The Farmers Market on Hughes Road 
  • S&J Produce Farms 
  • Madison County Farmers Market
  • Downtown Madison Restaurants and Shops
  • Schools 

Our Favorite Madison Restaurants

  • Tom Brown’s 
  • Sunny Street Café
  • Kobe Sushi Hibachi Express
  • The Cuban Cafe
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria/ Gelateria 
  • Fulin’s Asian Cuisine
  • Taziki’s Mediterranean Cage 
  • Main Street Café
  • Rome2Greece
  • Another Broken Egg Café
  • Punta Cana Caribbean Restaurant
  • I love sushi
  • Taco Mama
  • OldBlack Bear Brewing company
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill


Village Of Providence Restaurants are all amazing!

Bridge Street offers another variety of restaurants located a few minutes from Madison and Huntsville Neighborhoods!


Eating a variety of cuisines in any Madison Location is one of the things you will not get tired of. Definitely a melting pot of flavors to choose from!


Investing your money into Madison Alabama real estate could be an excellent decision due specifically because it has long standing historical roots yet still maintains modern amenities we can see on new homes and those built the last decade!  The number and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal place to invest your money. However, buying a house in Madison, Alabama is like winning the lottery!The Madison area has always had an excellent reputation when it comes to residential real estate investing; especially because prices have remained stable over time despite rapid economic development like we’ve seen recently across North Alabama. There’s no better proof than the new apartment complexes housing tenants or temporary workers moving to the area, hotels, or plenty of new businesses and homes being developed.

Madison continues to be one of the hottest housing markets in the Huntsville Metro area. The town’s demographics are perfect for buyers looking to invest, after experiencing rapid population increase due largely from its proximity across town from some major employers like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, with its proximity not only to NASA but also major corporations like Intergraph, Hexagon PPM, that have operations here as well; making this region an ideal spot for young professionals looking at starting their own business with room enough after retirement when they’re ready settle down again without having too far drive. 

I believe investing at an early age could be one of your best decisions regarding housing if you want something close enough for daily commuting while still being out there somewhere different than what everyone else may live on their block or around it which always makes things exciting when they change over time again

Are you out of town, and you wonder what Madison is Like? Madison gives you the benefits of a small town living close to a metropolitan area. Easy commuting to and from Huntsville and the surrounding cities.  It provides a variety of recreational activities.  Madison has approximately 49,000 residents. Due to the desirability and great work force and educated population, 58%  of all households in the City of Madison have an income greater than $75,000,  with a city-wide mean household income of   $115,813.

You will find parks, walking trails and lots of green mountains to enjoy. If you are a lover of the outdoors, you will fall in love with the countryside surrounding.  New developments and shopping areas drive the community and for the foodie lovers, Madison also has great restaurants with multicultural culinary experience that will stamp a smile on your face.  According to the chambers of commerce there are over 1000 businesses  operating in Madison providing great job opportunities for residents and those relocating.  As a home to many  well educated professionals and a multicultural community, Madison is also a melting pot that allows you to meet people from all over the world!


We know moving can be stressful but we’re here to help make things easier by providing information about our local communities and services such as real estate listings of homes for sale in Madison Alabama. So, If you are looking for a new city to live in, Madison is one of the best places to live in Alabama! It’s constantly growing and expanding, offering desirable schools that make it more attractive to locals as well as out of town home buyers. The schools are known to be top 10 in the nation. You can easily commute from one end of town to another with ease. There are plenty of places and things to do here, whether you like shopping or going on hikes!  If you want a great quality life without having all the stress that comes with living in a big city, then look no further than Madison. We have everything you need right here – beautiful homes, amazing restaurants and shops, fantastic entertainment venues and so much more! 

There are many reasons why people choose Madison as their next home. If you want a safe community that offers excellent education opportunities, this is your place! Madison offers residents access to excellent schools as well as higher education opportunities. We also have several colleges located within 30 miles including:

  • University Of Alabama In Huntsville (UAH) which was ranked #1 by U.S News & World Report among public universities in the South for 2018-19
  •  Calhoun Community College
  •  Athens State University
  •  Oakwood College 
  • Alabama A&M & Others.

You can find everything from beautiful homes on large lots, condos and townhouses, apartments, senior living options and more. With so much growth happening here, there are endless possibilities for employment and entertainment options too. Plus, Madison has some beautiful parks and lakes where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. This city truly does have something for everyone! 

Remember, there is always something going on in Madison whether it be an outdoor concert or festival or a night out with friends at one of our local restaurants. If you love being outdoors then you will love all that Madison has to offer! From hiking trails and parks to lakes and rivers there is never a shortage of things to do outside when you live here. And if shopping is your thing then we have some amazing stores just waiting for your business and some are just few minutes drive including Target, Sam’s Club, Costco Wholesale, Home Depot, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Best Buy  and more! Come see what makes us such an amazing place to call home today!

Few More Reasons to move to Madison Alabama

  • Madison is a great place for families and retirees.
  • Madison has a diverse population with many different cultures, religions, and backgrounds. 
  • There are plenty of activities for children as well as adults who want to stay active. 
  • The schools in the area are highly rated and there’s always something going on at the local college – whether it’s sports or music performances.
  •  You can also enjoy all kinds of outdoor recreation like hiking, biking, fishing, boating, hunting and more
  • It provides small town charm and easy access to Huntsville 
  • Madison is a progressive city with excellent schools and exciting nightlife.
  • The friendliness of its people


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